• Town Hall Meetings

    In partnership with The Star Press, Ball State is hosting Community forums to discuss how the university and community can partner together to grow and thrive. WIPB will broadcast the meetings the day after they take place.

    Thursday, Sept. 28, 5:30 p.m.

    Meeting Info
  • Stories of Service

    As the epic Ken Burns and Kim Novick film, THE VIETNAM WAR premieres Sept. 17 on PBS, WIPB recognizes the stories of local veterans.

    Share your videos, photographs, or just write a short story about your experience.

    Stories of Service
  • Watch your PBS Favorite Progams Online Anytime

    With WIPB Passport, you get extended access to favorite programs, including full seasons of many current and past series.

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  • On Location with Victoria

    Join WIPB on an exclusive tour to see the fascinating sites where the MASTERPIECE series, “Victoria” is filmed. The 7-day tour includes stops at Windsor Castle, Kensington Palace, the Victoria and Albert Museum and more.

    May 21-29, 2018

    Learn more: Click here
  • LET IT GO: Turn your clunker
    into cash for WIPB

    Thinking about selling your car, boat, motorcycle, truck or other vehicle? Donate it to WIPB instead! You’ll help your local PBS station, and get a tax deduction as well!

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The Vietnam War

Nightly through September 30

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick direct a 10-part, 18-hour documentary film series that tells the epic story of the Vietnam War as it has never before been told on film.  Learn More

Third Rail with Ozy

Fridays at 8:30 p.m.  

Join Carlos Watson for a new seven-part cross-platform series. Each week, expert and celebrity guests debate a provocative topic, incorporating audience input and exclusive national polls.  Learn More

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Bees get more than just nectar from the flowers they visit. Sometimes they also get a sip of caffeine, nicotine, or alcohol.

Sure, jellyfish look pretty serene, but we all know the evils that come from a run-in with those tentacles.