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Independent Lens “Wrestle”

Monday, May 20, 10 p.m.

Meet Alabama high school wrestlers facing challenges on and off the mat. They grapple with obstacles, yet pursue their goals with courage. »Preview

Frontline: “Supreme Revenge”

Tuesday, May 21, 10 p.m.  

Inside the war for control of the Supreme Court. Investigate how a 30-year-old grievance turned confirmations into bitter, partisan conflicts. » Preview

Nova “Lost Viking Army”

Wednesday, May 22, 9 p.m.

Bioarchaeologists investigate a mass grave. Will the remains unlock the mystery of the legendary Viking fighting force that once invaded England?. » Preview

Video Features:

Is art a public good? Today, Danielle explores the US government’s history of commissioning art and how that lead to the NEA.

Students in the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs program are asking what’s a fair amount of homework for high school students.