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Episode 11  |  Matthew Greller

Join us this month on WIPB’s THE ROUNDTABLE as Matthew Greller, CEO of Aim sits down with host Michael Hicks to discuss how the regional approach to economic development can help diminish the urban-rural divide in our state.  An advocacy organization for Indiana’s cities and towns, Aim’s current focus is trying to find ways to bring the human capital back into Indiana as property tax caps are affecting infrastructure and quality of place projects in many areas of the Hoosier state.


February is a rebroadcast of Episode 1, Lori Torres (see video below)


Last episode (Jan. 20)

Episode 10  |  Jennifer McCormick

Learn about some of the educational issues facing Indiana from Superintendent of Public Instruction, Jennifer McCormick. Facing budget cuts and shortfalls, McCormick talks about the challenges of trying to meet the needs of students and educators in both urban and rural settings across Indiana as well as issues surrounding the diverse educational options Hoosier students can choose.


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Episode 9  |  Aaron Renn

Senior Fellow from the think tank Manhattan Institute, Aaron Renn, joins Michael Hicks for this episode of THE ROUNDTABLE. Renn talks about the shrinking labor force as the driver of a lot of economic decisions for many communities across the country as well as the time frame and strategic planning it takes for successful transformation of urban environments.


Episode 8 | Marsh Davis

Indiana Landmarks President, Marsh Davis sits down at THE ROUNDTABLE to talk about leading the largest statewide non-profit organization for preservation in the country. Davis hightlights a few of the success stories and the projects they would like to preserve for future generations to enjoy.


Episode 7  |  Heather Williams

Heather Williams, program manager for Building Better Neighborhoods, joins the ROUNDTABLE to talk about the importance of neighborhood engagement and the impact neighborhood associations can have in their communities.


Episode 6  |  Stefan Anderson

Host Michael Hicks welcomes retired CEO and chairman of First Merchants Bank, Stefan Anderson as his guest to this episode of THE ROUNDTABLE. Anderson talks about banking regulation and reform as well as the importance of early childhood education to a local community.


Episode 5  |  Bruce Balfour and Michael Fortunato

Guests Bruce Balfour and Michael Fortunato join host Michael Hicks this episode of THE ROUNDTABLE to talk about taking their academic research knowledge base to develop a consulting group that provides economic and community development to rural communities and small-town economies.


Episode 4  |  Greg Wathen

Host Michael Hicks sits down with Greg Wathen during April’s episode of  THE ROUNDTABLE. Greg talks about economic development in his hometown Evansville as well as four southwestern Indiana counties as part of the Regional Cities Initiative.


Episode 3  |  Emily Wornell

This episode of ROUNDTABLE focuses on the challenges rural families face with potential job losses through offshoring and automation. Rural sociologist, Emily J. Wornell joins host Michael Hicks to talk about a recent vulnerability study she co-authored.

Episode 2  |  Greg Goodnight

How has Kokomo, the “City of Firsts,” successfully transformed after appearing on Forbes’s list of America’s Fastest Dying Towns a decade ago? Find out when host Michael Hicks welcomes to the table Mayor Greg Goodnight.


Episode 1  |  Lori Torres

WIPB’s newest monthly program, THE ROUNDTABLE, covers topics on public affairs issues and how they affect the people and places of Indiana. On the inaugural episode, host Michael Hicks welcomes Inspector General, Lori Torres as his guest. Torres talks about the mission, challenges, types of corruption and ethical cases the Indiana Inspector General’s office faces.



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Host Michael J. Hicks is the George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Economics and director of the Center for Business and Economic Research and Professor of Economics at Ball State University.

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