• Indiana Weekend debuts Nov. 8


    strauss newWe’re starting a new show about interesting people and places around east-central Indiana, and hope you’ll give it a try.

    I checked, and nobody can remember a recent show quite like Indiana Weekend on WIPB.

    In the TV business, this is called a news magazine, featuring stories that are longer, more in-depth and more compelling than typical TV news fare.

    For example, our first episode includes a visit to the Andersontown Powwow, a major festival for Native Americans and people interested in their culture.

    The clothing, dances, singing and drums would be interesting enough, but we try to probe just a bit deeper: Is there greater interest in Indians now? What was it like growing up as a Native American? What about the controversy over the Washington NFL team and its name?

    For a story on the White River Cleanup, we look not only at the event itself, but the idea of these sort of events in general – why people do this, what attracts young volunteers, how the river has improved and what its future may look like.

    We’ve also been to the Pendleton Correctional Facility to talk with local volunteers teaching art to the inmates; to the Old Washington Street Festival in Muncie and to the Renaissance Faire in Fishers, where creative re-enactors party like it’s 1599.

    Indiana Weekend has its roots at Indiana Public Radio, where we’ve done the show for two and a half years from Muncie, Marion, Madison, the Wabash River and dozens of other places. It’s won top awards from state journalism groups for best documentary, best public affairs show and best use of sound.

    We’re making the WIPB version even better. We’ll capture the same off-the-beaten-path quality, stories away from the major headlines. And we’ll add to that some outstanding work from our videographers, bright writing and excellent sound and video editing.

    Indiana has more than its share of interesting places to visit and intriguing people. We used to see more of those kinds of stories in the media, but you don’t often get that now. That’s why we wanted to hit the road and find those places and people again.

    I’m handling the reporting and writing. Videography and editing will come from a terrific crew of collaborators, including Heather Hunt, Richard Collins and Sam Clemmons.

    This has been a fun project. We’ve been out working hard to do some great stories about east-central Indiana, and we can’t wait to show them to you.

    Thanks for watching, and see you on WIPB.

    John Strauss
    WIPB and Indiana Public Radio
    Interim General Manager

    (Indiana Weekend airs monthly on WIPB, starting Nov. 8 at 8 p.m.)

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