WIPB Updates:

Independent Lens: “True Conviction”

March 30, 2018 No Comments

Mondday, April 30, 10 p.m.

Meet three exonerated ex-prisoners who start a detective agency. >>Learn More

Call The Midwife

March 29, 2018 No Comments

Sunday, April 29, 8 p.m.

Barbara’s in isolation at the hospital; Dr. Turner and Shelagh assist a man held in a remand home. >>Learn More

Austin City Limits: “TV on the Radio/The War On Drugs”

March 28, 2018 No Comments

Saturday, April 28, 11 p.m.

Dig the best in modern rock with acclaimed bands TV on the Radio and The War on Drugs. >> Preview

Live from Lincoln Center: “Leslie Odom Jr. In Concert”

March 27, 2018 No Comments

Friday, April 27, 9 p.m.

The Tony-winner brings his remarkable talent to this intimate performance. >>Watch Preview

NOVA Wonders: “What Are Animals Saying?”

March 25, 2018 No Comments

Wednesday, April 25,  p.m.

Can we crack the code of animal communication?  >> Preview

Civilizations: “How Do We Look?”

March 24, 2018 No Comments

Tuesday, April 24, 8 p.m.

Explore images of the human body in ancient art.  >>Preview

Independent Lens:
“Look & See: Wendell Berry’s Kentucky”

March 23, 2018 No Comments

Monday, April 23, 10 p.m.

Experience the changing landscape of rural America through the eyes of the award-winning writer. >>Preview

Austin City Limits: “Leon Bridges/Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats”

March 21, 2018 No Comments

Saturday, April 21, 11 p.m.

Savor the old-fashioned soul of Leon Bridges and Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweat.. >> Preview

January 18, 2018 No Comments

Do 97% of climate scientists really agree that humans are the main cause of climate change? Yep! Here’s what the 97 percent statistic *really* means.

January 18, 2018 No Comments

Gardening, tending to the environment, and observing nature can help kids understand their relationship with the earth and our responsibility to take care of it and each other, so don’t be afraid to grow something amazing with your kids.