Locally Produced Programs

Indiana Weekend

Airs: Second Saturday of the month at 8 p.m.

Join host John Strauss as WIPB-TV for this monthly news magazine show with stories just a bit off the beaten path.

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Wellness Matters

Airs: Third Saturday of the month at 8 p.m.

A wellness program that looks at all aspects of being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle…mind, body and spirit.   Each episode deals with a different health, wellness or medial topic and features local panelists who will share their advice and expertise as well as community members who will share their personal experiences.


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Sports Link

Ball State Sports Link is an immersive learning production. Sports Link is your social media leader for Ball State Sports.


Ford Oval of Honor

Four local military veterans are presented “The Ford Oval of Honor” award. This recognition is held in honor of their service to America and for going above and beyond their call of duty.

Sculpting the Wind: Alexa King & the Making of the Barbaro Memorial Statue

Sculpting the Wind recounts the process in creating one of the most widely recognized equine sculptures in the world.  Alexa King and those closest to her tell the story of her journey in re-creating Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro from pre-production and design of the statue to the unveiling ceremony at Churchill Downs.

Echoes of War: Stories from the Big Red One

Echoes of War brings to life the struggles, misery, horror and humanity of war as told by the veterans who witnessed them firsthand. Much more than a television program, it is a Digital Media Experience – a live, interactive, educational program and companion website – that will engage those who encounter it. The live broadcast will originate from the First Division Museum at Cantigny in Wheaton, Illinois, providing viewers the ability to interact with war veterans and the program’s hosts via the Internet or by phone. Imagine – those tuning in at home or in high schools, colleges or universities across the country will be able to ask questions of 1st Infantry Division veterans, Ball State University historians, or Cantigny museum curators. This will be a truly unique virtual classroom experience.

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Seeing Stars in Indiana

This intriguing program examines enthusiastic explorers of the Indiana night skies including Dr. Ronald Kaitchuck the director of the Ball State University planetarium, BSU astronomy students, and some very serious East Central Indiana amateur stargazers. The documentary also follows Dr. Kaitchuck and his students to Kit Peak in Arizona were they delve deep into the galaxy via a shared large telescope.

Made in Indiana

These days, life moves at a frantic rate. But have you experienced the beauty of Indiana at a much slower pace?  “Made in Indiana”, an experimental documentary, takes every day life in the Hoosier state and shows its true splendor in stunning slow motion.  Experience the visual beauty of glass blowing, woodcarving, and the serenity of Lake Michigan, and more that is “made in Indiana.”  This experimental documentary was filmed completely for slow motion at 300 frames per second, turning one second into 12.

Muncie Community Christmas Sing

The Muncie Community Christmas Sing celebrates performances include all choral organizations in the Muncie Community Schools, orchestras and musical ensembles from Central and Southside High School, MCS staff singers, the Christmas Sing show choir, Masterworks Chorale, and other guest groups from the community.